The 200 quid club..

For those that need a little more than a basic site or you need some eCommerce functionality
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Just starting out? 

Then a totally flexible, pay monthly eCommerce or more involved service website might be your thing.. 

What is this amazing offer?   

A fledgling business, be that eCommerce or service led, may not have the funds to pay upfront for the design and creation of a new website. So we launched the 100 Quid club (a pay as you go option) back in 2022.

It was a huge success, in fact it’s been so popular we have now expanded it to include start up eCommerce or  service businesses whose website needs a little more functionality or more pages than the 100 Quid Club offers. 

Join the 200 Quid Club and youll receive a beautiful bespoke Shopify, SquareSpace or WordPress website all for £200 a month.

Whats not to love..

Option A

(All needed, logo and website) 


Brand style guide 

8 Page WordPress website – 8 core pages, a contact page, and legal pages.

INC options for:

Integration for email platform sign ups 

Google GA4 tracking added  


Option T

(The next step for growing businesses)

10 Page WordPress or Squarespace website – 10 core pages, a contact page, and legal pages 

INC options for:

Integration for email platform sign ups

Embed for membership platform

Blog page

Google GA4 tracking added

Option S

(eCommerce with Shopify or Squarespace)

10 products & 3 core pages, a contact page, and legal pages

INC options for:

Integration for email platform sign ups

Blog page

Google GA4 tracking added

200 quid club – How does it work?  

First stop on the website express is, you guessed it.. Design.

We map out how you want your website to look, and give it that personal feel based on your brand. If  you dont have your brand and logo we have a package deal for that too.. 

  • Once we have nailed the brand we move on to your website – We don’t use the same ol’ templates you’ll see peppered across the internet. You’re unique, and your website needs to reflect that, your site might only be small but your ambition is not.. As my 5 foot mum always says ” good things come in small packages!” 

  • Most businesses don’t put emphasis on the customer journey, this is where we differ.. There are lots of tricks of the trade we can apply to make sure your site is 100% as beautiful and effective as your competitors. 

  • By focusing on your site from a customer’s point of view, and building absolutely everything on your site with that in mind, we can ensure the journey is slick and easy to take action, be that an add to basket or fill out a quiz to funnel the user to an CTA.

How many payments do I have to make? 

Clients must remain in the 200 quid club for a minimum of 14 months, note that the £200 per month excludes hosting and will be determined by the platform chosen


You need to active the £225 club for hosted wordpress


Activate the £200 club for other platforms as your hosting will be paid annually in advance directly to platform for Squarespace or Shopify)

200 quid club websites, are small but mighty and are built from a UX perspective and therefore your site look great, work well and more importantly converts.

We provide you with templated page wireframe guidelines, you in return provide us the copy and images for your site.

At this price, (as you would expect) you are limited to the A.T.S. Packages above.

After 14 months, you can reduce your payments to suit your needs or have more website work done, add additional pages (after all your business is a year old now!)

If we host (wordpress sites)  you can switch to our Simple hosting only package for £25 pm, or if its a shopify or squarespace site then you can self manage directly on platform. 

Once you have completed 14 months you can choose the appropriate level of support for you.. or decide you no longer need the site.. Its your call 

This is the end of the page, lets not part ways like this….

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